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09-30-2009, 10:03 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
Wear what ever you feel comfortable wearing. You are the one playing.

You dont need to listen to what anyone on here says or even your mom (unless you still live at home).

These threads bring out the same people everytime:

1) Unless you get paid to play, its not worth it/you are an idiot.

2) Dont be a , its only a couple teeth. This is hockey, go play tennis if you are a coward.

It's a risk/reward relationship. The level of risk you're comfortable with is a very personal thing, can't ask someone to make all your decisions.

You also have a much better idea of what your hockey environment is like than anyone else on this board. What the skill level is, how strict the refs are, how many times things get out of hand, etc. Even though the play is faster, it's usually safer playing with skilled players. In general, they have decent discipline with keeping their sticks down and have good control of their shots. They shoot for the top corner and it goes to the top corner, nine times out of ten. A low-level beer league game might be slower, but they flail their sticks around and their shots usually don't go where they want to. A beer league guy shoots for the top corner and it could be 10 feet away from their target.

Personally, I play with just a visor. I think everyone at the very least should protect their eyes in some fashion, but that's my opinion. I've had teammates who've skated with just a Cooper SK100, and while I think they were nuts, they were totally comfortable in it.

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