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09-30-2009, 11:52 PM
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I dont/wont wear a visor/cage.

Im a regular joe with a day job, i lost 3 teeth, broke my nose a few times, have to be in the 30-40ish in stitches in my brow/forehead/nose area. But personally i love the game more then i hate pain. None of these incidents have had any affect on my jobs.

I dont think im an idiot for not wearing protection. I understand that there is a chance i could have an eye injury. Its the same chance i have of breaking my neck or arm or leg.

I personally dont care if someone wears a visor or a birdie. Really makes no difference to me. At the same time its the visor/cage wearers that call us idiots for not wearing them. The worst ones will say "i will do whatever to be as safe as possible", thats fine except that a lot of these guys dont wear neck guards, dont wear the right sized elbows and dont wear shinners that cover the calf.

Hockey is a dangerous sport whether it is contact or noncontact. We move at such a high pace that injuries (serious and non serious) can happen at anytime. At some point you will be hurt no matter what eq you are wearing. Thats what makes this game what it is. If that is to hard to grasp maybe this isnt the right game for some of you.

Sure its all about fun, but at some point you will get injured. Hopefully not seriously but there is always that chance.

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