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10-01-2009, 11:08 AM
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Originally Posted by major league View Post
That is pretty much what I have. I still have some of the tooth. But most is gone so there is a huge gap between the I am planning on getting the temporary crown. Do you have to take the crown out when you eat?
You shouldn't. I have had to have one of the crowns replaced about 10 years after I had it put in. Other than that really no issues from them. I also didn't have a root canal. I had a little tooth left but the nerves were very exposed and they have never died and it's been 25 years now.
I'm guessing that you didn't keep playing afterwards since it was only at open hockey? Mine was the first shift of the game so I wasn't very tired and I kept playing and tried to breath through my nose. Every time I would breath that cold air through through my mouth across those exposed nerves my vision would get really cloudy and dark and I got kinda loopy. I went to the wrong bench a couple of times. When I came off the ice after shifts my coach wouldn't let me go back out until I could answer questions correctly. (Yes it was a long time ago when nobody knew better. We played with concussions too back then. My son plays high school hockey and I certainly wouldn't let him do that) Live and Learn!!!

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