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10-01-2009, 01:00 PM
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Originally Posted by mlandry View Post
1) He had surgery in the summer.
2) Missed the bus once and got to practice on time anyways.
3) Most players will get yelled at by their coach in their career, especially when they are learning a new system. It was blown out of proportion because the media has nothing else to talk about. JM yelled at other players since then and it's been completely ignored. Sergei played 1 more pre-season game after being yelled at and was one of our best forwards on the ice.
4)Yes, not reporting is incredibly stupid.
5)Same with asking for a trade, but just look at Grabovski; obviously it worked out for him.
6)We all know no good players have EVER asked for a trade early in their careers. Nope.

So, as much as I hate SK for doing something so childish, and I don't think he's going to get much more in return than a 2nd round pick, your points aren't valid.

I DO think a team will pick him up if BG decides to trade him (he could let him rot in the KHL), and I also think he can be a top player if he fixes his attitude.
They are absolutely valid. That is, of course, if we assume that NHL GM's don't have to convince themselves that taking SK is a wonderful idea because his attitude problems have been overblown.

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