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09-19-2003, 03:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Duguay
This staff does certainly deserve credit in this area.

Remember the days of waiting, and hoping for Cameron Mann to finally break out? He was our only new hope - it seemed like.

Things have changed in the last 5 years, and O'Connell should get credit for this.

Now there's a whole plethora of talent to watch, and we don't have to get excited over a prospect like Anders Myrvold.

Robbed by Lacroix; but I think lessons have been learned.
excellent post- I wish I was thinking this way at 5:30 this morning- Cameron Mann (symbolic in he was our hope- erie but Andy Hilbert reminds me of him), Anders Myrvold represents the Old MOC, who was arrogant, abrasive, someone who hadn't yet assembled his scouting and development organization and just as importantly realized the value of picks. Heck, he wheeled around drfat day like it was the NFL; and back 5 yrs ago some front office people may have had concerns about in his role....he has become 'unplugged'- an excellent, honest and positive voice (hey, I disliked him until the last two or three years when I have been told of his honest effort to open the windows and get some fresh air into the Broons- and he started with himself which most people- few people ever realize; often times its the skunk who can't figure out what the problem is but MOC has gone out of his way to assemble a top notch scouting, strength program and front office. This isn't BS its the word over there. The couple of players I know pretty well like Mike. He's a good guy from what I hear; hey, he works with Gorton- he's considered a heck of a guy; Whitesides- ditto (one player told me best strength guy ever been around- great guy); Coady- South shore guy- tough kid; hot *****- great track record and respected and liked; Bradley don't know him, but seen around Fleece and at Lowell- laid back, always a content happy look, heard he's a gem; so MOC has surrounded himself with people who are young, aggressive, smart and personable.

The proof will eventually be in the pudding- err, on the ice, but as Duguay says so well- we are no longer a fan base looking at a couple of prospects but one with atleast a dozen players on the horizon who have a chance- thats the key; they have a chance to actually make it. No disrespect to the Dimao's, Knubles, Taylors, Khristichs, Zamuners, Groseks, Lapointes (especially) et al that have filled the second and third lines over the past half dozen years- but the Broons 'realistically' can expect some of these forwards to make it.

I get sucked in as a season tix holder for the exhibition games but to be honest- if I get to see Bergeron, Zinovjev, Hilbert, Samuelsson, Venarsky, Jillson, Morrisonn, Toivonen, Jurcina, and Huml its not a bad thing as far as I'm concerned.

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