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11-21-2004, 02:27 AM
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I don't think we'll ever see a replacement player league come from the NHL. There is no way that teams like Philadelphia, Toronto, New York, Detroit, Montreal or even Boston would allow this to happen. When you consider that there are some old school hockey people running the shows in these towns, heads would roll in these cities if anything like that ever happened. I just couldn't picture Bobby Clarke or Bob Gainey fielding a team featuring players as talented as Lonny Bohonos or Corey Hirsch. That's not a dig at either of those players, it's more a statement of both GMs trying to make chicken salad out of chicken feces. It's something that just won't happen. I think what you'll eventually see is some sort of break away league consisting of the haves. The have nots will end up becoming some kind of farm team league.

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