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11-21-2004, 10:09 AM
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Originally Posted by GregStack
My reasoning is not that I accept the Forbes numbers, it's that I believe the NHL is also avoiding the truth with their numbers. If you take the owners numbers as truth you're certainly one of the most trusting individuals in the world. I think the real number is somewhere in the middle (leaning towards Forbes numbers) however what I'd really like to see is how much of this "lost" money is paid to companies that the person who's "losing" the money owns.
I find it funny how the consensus on these boards is now that the numbers are in between the two reports. The Forbes report is so fundamentally flawed that it hurts my eyes reading it. But to the subject at hand : I trust the NHL commissioned report to be right on the target as per the owner's definition of revenue.

Now I don't really put myself in a compromising situation since as long as the owners are responsible for the definitions, they can't be wrong ! But that's just it, NHLPA have yet to come up with what they consider the revenue to be. They're only yapping left and right that not all revenues are included in the Levitt report. Well define for us what those are and we can have a constructive debate. In the meantime, the only definition I have and willing to accept is the owner's definition.

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