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11-21-2004, 11:12 AM
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Originally Posted by GregStack
My reasoning is not that I accept the Forbes numbers, it's that I believe the NHL is also avoiding the truth with their numbers. If you take the owners numbers as truth you're certainly one of the most trusting individuals in the world. I think the real number is somewhere in the middle (leaning towards Forbes numbers) however what I'd really like to see is how much of this "lost" money is paid to companies that the person who's "losing" the money owns.
I hope you weren't talking to me since I clearly said that owners try to make the numbers look as bad as it's possible and I most certainly don't believe it's the truth (well, if there's such thing as truth here).

But I really don't understand people who trust Forbes' numbers when they haven't even seen the books and with Forbes having a very poor track record when it comes to estimating the value of a franchise!!

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