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10-02-2009, 07:34 PM
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German Minor Hockey

I currently live in Toronto and play hockey there (AAA) Im 14 but i when i grow up i wanna play in DEL (because lets face it not everyone goes to the NHL) Im also of German Decent and i plan on becoming a Citizen, Ive always wanted to play for the National team but i cant tell if i have what it takes because no one i know, knows What Minor Hockey is like in Germany, Ive also always wanted to play for the Junior team but because im from Canada it dosen't look like its ganna happen, So i wanna know whats the best city to play Minor Hockey in Germany is because im ganna try and see if i can maybe board over there ( I have alot of friends who do this that are from Russia just to play AAA in the GTHL).

But the big question is and i dont expect anyone maybe atleast someone to tell me what is the big differnce between Minor Hockey in Canada and Germany, And what AAA would get me into.

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