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10-02-2009, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by lapniappe View Post
Things I'm hoping for this game.

1: The defense shapes up 100 percent, because they all [but Kaberle] sucked yesterday. I honestly think it was opening night jitters (one should hope).

2: Toskala, as decent as he was, needs to step it up and not be the "One Goal a Game" Goaltender. As much as the defense sucked two of those goals he needed to have and we would have had 2 points. If he had stopped one, totally different game.

3: More quality shots. It is well and good to have 45 shots on goal, but if they are at the chest of the goaltender, very rare to get the rebound. just shoot, and rush the net.

4: More passing, less puck hogging. You know who you are, GRABO and BLAKE.

5: Speaking of Blake - for God sakes, please, stop acting as if you wanted to be on Battle of the Blades with that spin and shoot thinger. Just... pass it normally.

6: Less turnovers

That's about it

And this is one really nice GDT, and I agree - it's nice to talk about it a day or two earlier, and then go into depth on game day
Better add Hagman to that list too.

And that's one of the things I can't stand about Blake. When has it worked? When does it ever work? 90% of the time he just turns the puck over doing it and the other 10% he just turns the puck over too. It's such a useless play.

I'm hoping Toskala gets absolutely destroyed. 4 or 5 soft goals so we can see Gustavsson next game.

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