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11-21-2004, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Orange
And I agree. They would soar ... but it wouldn't last. As the league gets less competitive, the poorer teams' value will fall. As they fall, so will the league's overall value. Finally, it would start hitting those before mentioned teams.

With revenue sharing you create stability and it's normal for a stable system to grow slower. But the point is that one single franchise can't go so high above the league's mean value before it starts going down again. By giving a chance to the "poorer" team's value to grow, you also ensure overall growth. This gives all teams a higher growth ceiling over time. Take away revenue sharing and the league would never have become what it is today !
Then explain the New York Yankees & the Boston Red Sox. Their values are going through the roof, while franchises like the Reds, Pirates, and Royals are floundering and failing.

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