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Originally Posted by Siberian View Post
I spoke with a Canadian parent who had three kids who all play hockey. He basically said that a lot of kids like hockey but do not like hitting at svery young age and that's one of the main reasons they lose interest in the game, so they quit. In Russia hitting at young age basically is not accepted. The coaches want the kids to develop their skating, puck handling. In reality many Russian players see hitting when they start playing international tournaments when they are around 16 years old.

So a couple of things that is a big negative of the hitting-
1. The talented kids drop out before they are discovered by the local scouts.
2. The kids are slowed down in their development of real skills.
I have an idea Siberian, why don't you actually make a statement based on fact rather than citing the opinion of one family? Opinion is not fact and one opinion is not a large enough sample size. Topping it off you come up with this harebrained idea based on the opinion of this one family, the supposed ‘lack of talent’ in Canada is because some kids don’t like hitting. So instead of having facts you make up your argument as you go, a pretty weak strategy.

Why do you imply hitting is not a ‘real’ skill? Anything you learn to gain a competitive edge is a skill, skills you acquire in your specific skill set. I am pretty sure that by age 8-10 people involved in the local hockey scene know which kids have some talent and which ones don’t, so I am not worried about the more talented kids losing interest or quitting because most are already recognized.

Siberian every time I see your threads they are always just Canada Vs Russia, “oh Canada is not the best blah blah blah”. You are always just looking to start a fight over nothing and troll these boards. I don’t understand why you do it, just to be an a****le?

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