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Originally Posted by CanadaIsHockey View Post
Aftermath Of the Markov Injury: Part 1

JM: *thinking to himself* hmmm with General Markov out who's gonna lead our defense in our upcoming battles.

*JM calls Gainey*

Gainey: Hey Jack, how's it going.
JM: No time to talk Bob I need a favor from you.
Gainey: Sure what is it? St-Hubert?
JM: No Bob, I'm not hungry thanks. What I need from you is to find Spacek and send him in my office
Gainey: No problem Jack, I'll have him in your office by 10am.

*1 hour later* 10:15am.
*Knock on JM's office door*

JM: Come in
Spacek: *open's door* You called for me boss?
JM: Spacek! You're Late!
Spacek: Sorry boss
JM: Have a seat. *Spacek sits* Ok Spacek, I'm sure you've heard of our problems. With General Markov out of the lineup for our upcoming battles, I need someone with confidence, charisma, someone with incredible vision. Someone with Leadership and who can fly. That's why I am choosing you to take over Markov's position.
Spacek: *Interupts* But Boss I can't fly....
JM: Shut up Spacek. Now as I was saying, I need you to use your past experience as a commander on the blue line as you did in Buffalo as well as Florida. Spacek! I am now promoting you to General Spacek. Congratulations! You will now be i charge of leading our Defense.
Spacek: *big smile on face* Thanks Boss, I promise I won't disappoint.
JM: I'm sure you won't. Now get your gear on cause TONIGHT, WE DINE IN BUFFALO!!! With your old team.
Spacek: Yes sir!! *quickly gets up and runs to the exit excited*
JM: Wait! Don't slam the.... *Door slams shut* ..... door.

Will Spacek do the Job that was designed for Markov? Will he be able to lead Montreal's defense vs his old team? Stay tuned to find out tonight at 7pm on RDS!!
that was gold

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