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11-21-2004, 10:51 PM
Canadian Chris
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I've had:

Synergy Grip, 110 flex, Shanahan curve. LOVED IT.
Mission M-1, 100flex, Gaborik Curve. LOVED IT.

Currently am using my Easton Grip Lite shaft, with a Carbon Shanahan blade in and love it.

Basically, I won't go back to a wood stick. In my last year of minor hockey, or 2nd to last year I suppose it was, I used wood sticks, and they kept breaking. I'd get a game, max. Then I switched over to to a composite shaft/blade combo and loved it. Absolutely loved it.

The blades are generally cheaper than a wooden stick costs, and I figured, when I've got my 1 piece and it snaps, usually the blade breaks, or it's down in the bottom of the shaft where the break occurs, then I can use it for a shaft/blade combo afterwards too. So it's basically 2 sticks.

I got 2 and half years out of my Synergy Grip and 10 months out of the Mission. This is the 2nd Grip Lite that I've had, and it's a great shaft as well.

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