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11-21-2004, 10:01 PM
Aaron Vickers
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I refuse to swtich off from my Graf 5500 with G3 curve. It is easily the best stick I've ever used, and has been quite durable too. I think I'm on game 20 with it or so, which isn't bad for a wooden stick.

I've talked to a Graf rep here in Calgary (played in the 3-on-3 tournament held at the Olympic Oval here over the course of the summer) and apparently they've got a G3 curve on a one piece, so I might have to check that out.

I tried playing one game with one of his Grafs, but aside from being lighter, it wasn't received well by me. Shot about the same, with less accuracy. I'm thinking it might have to do with the fact I wasn't used to the curve though.

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