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11-22-2004, 09:09 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
The thing is that there is a Russian and a Czech defensemen (can't remember their names, but isn't the Russian kid supposed to be nicknamed "the Russian tank"?) that coming into this year were rated ahead of Johnson. What I am getting at is that Crosby may be #1 & Brule may be #2, but Johnson may not be the next best available choice (defenseman or othewise).
As for Brule, comparing him to Thorton may be unfair. He will never have the body that Thorton does. He will never have the sheer size. Yes, Brule can play a scrappy game, but he will never be the wrecking ball center that Thorton is.

the 2 guys that you are thinking of are kindl and anikeenko and johnson is a LOT better then both of them...

kindl came over to play in the OHL and has struggled and is falling in the ranking and anikeenko has nose-dived down the rankings. so those 2 are dropping and johnson is sky-rocketing...

johnson is a top 3 pick, kindl will be lucky to hold onto a top 10 pick and anikeenko seems destined to fall out of the top 20...

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