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10-04-2009, 12:22 AM
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I wore a cage my whole life until I started wearing a visor in my junior seasons. During Juniors I never was hit in the mouth, face or anything. Then I played College one of my last games of the season (while wearing a cage) the cage came back and cracked my front teeth, I lost my front 3 teeth. I started wearing a visor in Adult leagues I got the occasional stick to the mouth (about 6 times) but I never switched to the cage because I hate it so much. So I was playing adult league got hit in the mouth split my lip and small scar on my upper lip. Switched the cage (even though I hate it) with my profession (Actor) I have to protect my face from now on. Do what you want to do, its hockey stuffs gonna happen anyways.

As for a stick getting underneath a visor.. I've worn a Visor in different levels of hockey since I was 14.. I'm 24 now, I've never had a stick ever get underneath the visor in my eye area.

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