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10-04-2009, 02:01 AM
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Originally Posted by billj41 View Post
Im 6'3 and a high stick that hits you or me in the shoulder hits a 5'8 guy in the facial area. I think that was his point. I skated free face for a couple of years until I took a deflected puck and nine stitches to my upper lip. Fortunately, I didnt lose any teeth. To protect my stitches, I put on a cage and the very next week after I was hip checked, I fell forward onto the guy that checked me and my cage hit his skate blade square. Without a cage or just having a visor, I would have been split like an elephant, doing god knows what damage to my chin, mouth, and nose. For me, that reaffirmed that I will never play again without a cage. And the whole losing teeth thing from a cage generally seems to be from people wearing their cages WAY too loose around the chin either for comfort or cause it "looks cool."
And the things that hit him in the shoulder would hit me in the nuts. Thats even worse

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