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11-22-2004, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan10
Havlat alone is better than the three Pittsburgh players listed. Be honest Pens fans, Malone isn't even in the same category as Havlat. If Havlat were to become a Pen, at a minimum, it would cost you either one of your top prospects (yes, it would cost you either Fleury or Malkin), a first and a roster player. Havlat is THAT good. Remember, this is the THIRD line winger in Ottawa and he's still averaging a point a game. Give him first line or second line ice time and he's probably a 100 point player in Ottawa.
I don't see a single Penguins fan saying that Malone is better than Havlat, and as a Penguins fan will tell you that the Pens win this a perfect world, as much as I like Malone, it would be wise to pick up Havlat.


It's a moot point b/c

1) The Sens have had some trouble getting Havlat under contract the last two years...when he breaks out it could be even worse. Simply, he would soon be out of the Pens price range with his continued one year deals (I believe he signed another one this summer, someone correct me if I'm wrong).
2) As a few posters mentioned, it would be a PR hit if Malone was dealt, but we'd be picking up one of the most skilled young wingers in the league in Havlat. Malone is certainly no slouch, but at this juncture I would go with Havlat.

That said, I don't think Havlat would get 100 pts on the first line in Ottawa, using the same proof you gave to back him....Ottawa is a very deep team. Perhaps if Ottawa gutted their team and became more reminiscent of say the Pens of the 90's (with good defense), Havlat could be a threat for the Ross. Neither Hossa nor Alfredsson have been able to put up 100 pts with top line ice time, and I can't see Havlat doing it...the RW is just too deep.

And....though I do like Havlat, I think Craig Patrick would have to be off his nut to deal away a current first rounder (will likely be a top 5, probably top 3), a blue chip prospect in Fleury or Malkin and a roster player (unless of course you mean a guy like Eastwood). I would do the deal for Hossa though.

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