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10-04-2009, 09:40 PM
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I agree. I think Gus has all the tools to be a big performer. I really want to see how he handles a full game, even one at home ice against the hated sens.

I have a feeling hes got it between the ears, something I wish Vesa had more of. I remember another 23 or 24 year old rookie who took over, his name was, FELIX THE CAT.

I'm not saying Gus will be the next equivalent to Potvin (who was really good with us for a few years there), but it would be nice.

I really think as long as he can maintain his composure he will be fine. I haven't had enough time to truly analyze his game yet though, I am wanting to see more as I'm sure the rest of you are.

I remember one very impressive save last night though. The puck bounced off the boards behind the net and it came right out front, some Capital shot it up high and Gus quickly snared it. It was impressive because of the reaction time he displayed. Quick bounces off the boards can usually throw a goalie off, but he looked fine on it.

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