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11-22-2004, 10:12 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersrock1
If I was laying around and some one threw a beer at and on me I would go after him too. And anyone in the room that says they would not was never a fan of the Broad Street Bullies. One season is long enought. Not a fan of the "man" but he acted like most people would of. Fans need to stay in the stands AND not throw stuff at the players. It's a beer this time next time it could be a knife. As for O'Neil he just protected his team on the court. He got riped, 10 games would of be too many.
Well, that response leads me to this profound question: WHAT THE HELL WAS ARTEST DOING LAYING ON THE SCORER'S TABLE TO BEGIN WITH!?!?!?! What positive outcome was he expecting by doing that? He might as well have put up a neon sign on himself saying "Take your best shot, chumps!!"

Again, I maintain that the fans share as much, if not more, blame as the players. I mean, for a bunch of white-collar, predominantly white middle-class folks, they sure acted like a bunch of f***in' savage children. Geez, and people get their panties in a bunch about Philly fans. We may have tossed some snowballs at Santa, and we may have set off flares at the Vet. However, apart from the dumbf**k who fell into the penalty box with Domi that one playoff game, at least we know not to cross that line of decency and get into it physically with opposing team atheletes.

Bottom line here, folks, is one thing you can be sure of; this incident is proof of a lack of civility in our society as well as in the sports world. I mean, for God's sakes, we, meaning all atheletes and all sports fans (with all due respect to all female and child sports fans) are men. Not freaks, not wild animals; MEN!!! Every single solitary participant in that melee in Detroit Friday night are men. This means that, in every action we take in our lives (as well as in every reaction we take to whatever befalls us) judgement, logic, reason, patience, and dignity must always prevail over ignorance, hostility, unbridled emotion and ultimately violence. Otherwise, we are no better than wild animals.

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