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Originally Posted by shoplifter110 View Post
I can chime in on this with what little I know - admittedly this is all second and third hand info, so take it with a grain of salt. I wasn't involved in any discussion with anyone from the club.

One of my friends was contacted two seasons ago about having some drummers show up on game nights to perform. We, all having been in a college drumline were all for it. One of the sticking points that I know we had was that the club would need to provide the equipment (marching drums aren't cheap, and most individuals don't own them). We figured that way if the club didn't like us, they could continue using the drums, just with different bodies wearing them.

We were actually pretty excited about it, and were even coming up with ideas for stuff we could do - we saw it working in the form of military marches and such, rather than corps style drumming.

What I ended up gathering was that the club wasn't willing at the time to front the money for the drums, so it went nowhere (at least with us). It wouldn't surprise me if a similar thing happened with a few other groups. My friend said he got the sense from the game ops person(s) he spoke with that they really had no idea what they wanted, they just thought it would be cool to have drummers.

Fast forward a few years later, and someone has obviously been in touch with some folks from the Bluecoats in Canton, which more than likely solved the problem of not buying the equipment. They definitely got some very high quality players - these guys (and the rest of their line) finished 4th *IN THE WORLD* at DCI Finals in August. But I suspect that the office again didn't really know what they wanted, so the Bluecoats guys are just trying to do stuff that they know.

Anyway, I'm sure that this can work - it just needs to be tweaked some to fit with the concept of the club.
This is a good, touches-all-bases post.

Especially the "game ops doesn't really know what they want" part(s). Fan reaction would seem to suggest they don't either - or at least the varied responses would help explain why it's been a challenge to game opes to decide exactly the purpose. I suggest they keep it up and see if they can make it work.

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