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11-22-2004, 11:18 PM
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EW STUFF: Since the past several rounds have not produced clearcut winners, rather than waiting for a long time each round for a winner to emerge or having a runoff every round, I'm altering the poll method slightly to try and break the deadlocks, since I don't like calling a winner until at least a 2-vote margin of victory opens up.

I'll call the poll at or after 25 votes have been cast regardless of whether there is a winner. In addition to the poll votes, bonus votes will be assigned as follows:

+5 votes: Poll winner or tied for lead in poll.
+5 votes: Each vote that poll winner is ahead of runner-up.
+* votes: The cumulative vote total that as prospect has received in all previous rounds.

These totals will be used after this round for Honorable Mention rankings. Currently, cumulative vote totals are as follows:

Crabb: 10
Foote: 28
Grenier: 12
Hirschovits: 1
Rawlyk: 5
Reese: 13
Stals: 4
Weller: 1

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