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11-22-2004, 11:27 PM
Go! Jets! Go!
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I'm not 100% Yotes fan but I havn't been able to stop following my team since it left town a decade ago. Pathetic eh? I'm not the only one either.


Wheeler at #5. I was shocked. I expected Ladd or Tukonen. Personally I reall like Tukonen. It seems highly rated Finns don't "bust" very often. Wheeler could be a gem but it was an odd pick for sure.

Stephenson at #35 seemed a bit high but he's my kinda player so I was happy.

Enver Lisin at #50. I think we had to trade up for this guy but it will be worth it. He has a big frame and might be the fastest skater in the draft. I LOVE THIS PICK!

Tomanek looks decent for a 4th rounder. He still needs plenty of time in the WHL. Quite raw.

Kevin Cormier is the toughest guy in the draft. He's a monster that I think is a lock to play in the NHL because of his size and willingness to fight. I have a buddy who is a fighter for the Screaming Eagles and he doesn't look forward to playing Cormier one bit.

Aaron Gagnon at #240 was a great pickup. 15 goals in 21 games ... this kid is a sniper. Great pick so far.

Porter, Engasser and Kolarik I'm unfamiliar with.

Daniel Winnik has been great in the NCAA and shouldn't have fallen to the 9th round. He's got good size too.

I'd say the draft is a B-

Should have traded down to get Wheeler and gotten another pick. Other than that Lisin, Gagnon and Winnik look quite smart right now.

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