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11-23-2004, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by the doctor

Lowe has been a terrible GM, brutal even. No significant drafting or player development or good trades in years. This is the one thing that has bugged me about this situation. Lowe has been able to get the media and fans in Edmonton to completely apologize for all his blunders by claiming they can't compete with this CBA. Rubbish!

A good gig actually if you can manage to pull it off. I understand giving a former hero to the city a break, but Lowe can say anything he wants and it's eaten up. "I'm just trying to get to 2004". Well then, there's four free years, it's not your fault Kevin. We'll just charge the lowest price for NHL tickets in the league and then claim we're just doing it for the fans. The hockey media in Edmonton won't touch this guy, and watch now how the fans will circle the wagons.

Get rid of Lowe and get a Sutter in there, someone who talks about accountability. A new CBA won't make Lowe a smart GM, that's what he's worried about.

Are you kidding me? I think Kevin Lowe has done a very good job in Edmonton. Somehow he has been able to get incredible value for players that he was eventually going to lose anyways and keep the team in the playoff hunt each and every single year.

Good trades:

The Niinamaa trade got Edmonton a a great young player in Torres who scored 20 goals this year and will get 30 before too long as well as Isbister who seems like a throw in now and who is till a guy who good develop into a good power forward. I dont think its gonna happen but power forwards always seem to develop really late.

The Carter trade got Edmonton Radek Dvorak adn someone else? Anyways Dvorak is a much better player than Carter and has helped Edmonton much more than Carter has helped NYR or LA.

The Poti trade got Edmonton a great 2 way center who can also play the wing in Mike York. Edomonton had lots of good young D at the time with Brewer and Niinamaa still there so a very good trade for Lowe there as well.

Maybe you can just write 2 of those trades off and call Sather an idiot. But regardless of that, Lowe has not made any bad trades that I can think of.

He also acquired a good veteran defenceman in Staios and as far as drafting goes I think most of that responsibility lies in the hands of the scouts. But it is too early in Lowes tenure too say he hasnt developed any good prospects. And don't forget about Hemsky and the line of good young D prospects they have coming through in Bergeron , Woywitka and Lynch.

Lowe has done a great job! Not being able to keep the stars is not his fault, its either ownership or the poor economic system of the NHL. If he had different working conditions Edmonton could easily be a Western Conference power house right now.

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