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He was one of those players who you loved to hate - unless he was one of your own! ...he earned his corn smashing, crashing, and bashing opponents of all shapes and sizes... He made up one half of the infamous Gold Dust Twins...they both enjoyed the physical game and, as a result, often set the tone of Leafs games....The physical game was easily his strongest suit. A fine skater and rusher, he loved nothing more than crashing some poor opponent into the corner chicken wire. It was this lust for rough stuff that often got him in trouble, as his penalty record indicates. - Ultimate Hockey
Mortson built his game around keeping his opponents honest... He was a fearless checker who was not above giving a chop across the ankles to stop an opposing attacker. Players who dared to go into the corner with him knew they were in for a battle. If all else failed, he would simply use the Leafs' clutch and grab style.- Maple Leafs Legends
Mined his way through life's prospects and came out a winner every way...a rusher with a mean streak... The Gold Dust Twins allowed less than a goal per game...-Players: The ultimate A-Z Guide Of Everyone Who Has Played In the NHL
He was strongly built and the hardrock type of defenseman who liked nothing better than exchanging bumps. He was also a good skater and effective rusher-The Trail Of the Stanley Cup, Vol. 3
He was once one of the baddest men in hockey.-Joe Pelletier
With our 7th selection, the Cairo Desert Dogs proudly select, a big, tough, mean, all-around defenceman..


Awards and Achievements
4 x Stanley Cup Champion (1947, 1948, 1949, 1951)
1 x First Team All-Star (1950)

Top 10's
Defencemen Goals- 3rd(1947), 3rd(1948),5th(1953), 9th(1954), 9th(1957)
Defencemen Assists- 9th (1947), 4th(1949), 8th(1950), 6th(1953), 6th(1954), 7th(1957)
Defencemen Points- 7th (1947), 9th(1948), 9th(1949), 8th(1950), 5th(1953), 10th(1954), 8th(1957)

Defencemen Playoff Goals- 1st(1947), 3rd(1948), 1st(1947), 3rd(1953)
Defencemen Playoff Assists- 2nd(1947), 2nd(1948), 4th(1949), 5th(1951), 8th(1953)
Defencemen Playoff Points- 2nd(1947), 2nd(1948), 2nd(1949), 6th(1951), 7th(1953)

Gus Mortson grew up in a mining town Northern town which, combined with his style of play, earned him the nickname "Old Hardrock"

He would join the Maple Leafs in 1947 and be apart of one of the best defence pairings, "The Gold Dust Twins". The "Twins" would serve as a great foundation for the Leafs cup runs, and Mortson would have great success as a Leaf, being amongst the best defencemen offensively as well as being good defensively and one of the toughest customers in the league. In 1952, the Leafs traded him to Chicago. He would find some more success with Chicago, but the team was much weaker in Chicago, and he would not have the same playoff glory.

Mortson finished his NHL career in 1958-59 with half a season with the Detroit Red Wings, leaving a fine legacy as a great defencemen and a key part of a dynasty.

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