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11-23-2004, 12:59 PM
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i ref ice and roller in colorado - level 2. you get 25 a game at an unsanctioned rink - anywhere from 30 - 40 for a usa rink (but you have to pay the scheduler). thats for ice. roller varies from anywhere from 10 - 20 per game. i make 20 for the high school games and advanced leagues, i get about 17 for tournament games ( i ref a travel tournament series), but there are so many in a weekend you can make 400-500 a weekend. overall, ive been reffing for about 10 years.
i do all age groups and levels in roller - but since im only a level 2 (shoulda got my certification years ago - didnt really need it - but now that i do ice more often the number holds me back even though im more experienced than a lot of three's i know) i cant get much work other than adult and youth rec right now. hopefully i can move up once im a three.
ive thrown out a lot of people in tourney roller games - it gets pretty heated. ive been part of a few games id guess were over 100 total - which is a lot for a roller game. any majors are automatic game misconducts so you dont get to run up the minutes on one guy who takes more than one major. ive also had to call roller games off before they ended because they were just all out brawls. ice hasnt been nearly as bad for me.

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