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11-23-2004, 01:17 PM
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tukonen is a good pick, hope he pans out, not so sure why he's called a "steal" when he was picked at the 11 spot.
well cuz people thought he should have gone higher...he was a real good pick for that spot but not really a "steal". most of the people i've talked to that watch him play haven't felt he has a real high high potential...he's a good player that will likely make it to the NHL, produce points but he's not gonna be a real star or something.

eh, rangers draft...more happy with it now than i was originally. lot of "risky" players and not a lot of big names (besides montoya). i could have done without montoya and taken olesz or even tukonen instead but i don't mind having the prospect goaltending depth the rangers now enjoy...3 guys who have #1 potential (assuming blackburn gets back into action next month like they keep saying he should be). out of those 3, you'd expect at least one pans out...

i do like the korpikoski pick, he's just gonna take awhile to develop. could be a very good third liner or good second liner depending on how his offense goes, but he's a real competitor which is definatly the kind of player the rangers need.

after that...well olver and byers are kind of odd picks in a way...olver has a ton of skill but he's still so small (mainly his weight, only 160) and has a hard time scoring against the top teams in the NCAA. probably another guy who needs time to fill out, let him finish playing in college and see how he progresses...byers is also an odd second round pick...rangers must have seen something they liked in him but he's not much of a scorer, just an aggitator.

but guys like graham, ryan, callahan, dubinsky...all solid picks that have the potential to be good players, though all obviously have their drawbacks. not really any "big" names in there but all guys who are skilled and might turn into something. petruzalek is also an intriuging late round pick who's doing great in the OHL, leading rookies in scoring. and from all accounts, he's NOT riding kaspar's coattails

so eh, i'm happy enough...they got a lot of guys with a lot of skill, but only time will tell how they work out. lots of guys with lots of skill never make it to the NHL.

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