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11-23-2004, 01:20 PM
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I think Lowe has done a decent job. Until the Oilers start producing some talent, he can't do much except turn veterans into young players. That has nothing to do with money. It is the only choice. I didn't like the decision to trade Hecht, but I defended the Carter trade against bitter Oiler fans. They also boohooed about Hamrlik and that one was a real winner.

The only real complaint anybody can have about Lowe is the whining he did with every trade. Instead of explaining them in hockey terms, he mewled and complained about money. This wouldn't have been all that terrible - all hockey people present ridiculous excuses to cover their mistakes - except the fans bought the crocodile tears and we have had to listen to them echo the cries.

The team makes money!

''I would not do this job for another four years under what I just went through the last four years,'' Lowe told the Journal. ''It was too difficult, too difficult emotionally, spiritually, psychologically.''

Well, how was the paycheque, Kevin? "Oh, boohoo. The job of an NHL GM is hard! There is too much pressure in a job that only pays a million or so a year. Poor little old me."

What a wuss.


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