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11-23-2004, 01:22 PM
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ive used about everything, and im positive wood just has way better feel. i also ref a lot and can say from what ive seen that one-pieces are actually a negative in young players. i dont think they really learn to shoot well, and have trouble with tough passes. sometimes i think the pros have the same problem. i think the biggest problem is that people have trouble finding a good pattern for themselves and then stick with it. if you buy a 50 dollar blade, your using it whether your good with it or not - which obviously isnt great for your game. people dont know what lie they should use anymore, or know what kind of curve they should use - and its awful expensive to figure it out with composite. no doubt for some people composite stuff lasts longer and is worth it if you like what you get.
im 6'4" 215 so even though i love wood - ive often used a shaft and composite blade just because i had to. i play both ice and roller - andright now i use a sherwood 9950 (leclair) for ice. i use a innovative novious shaft for roller (sweet shaft) with a modano focus flex. i might try a hybrid easton modano stick for roller - ilke the feel a lot better, but obviously it will only last me a couple of games. i think wood wears down quicker in roller than ice, weird huh?

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