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11-23-2004, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by borro
I take it from this that Ryan has not or is not playing any defense. Maybe you did this already but can you rank the top say twelve dmen and give me a wild guess of their likely draft position (assuming a normal 2005 draft.) I'm not sure if your list was prioritized or not. Where do Belov and Anikienko fit in? I would say something like this:

1. Jack Johnson Top3
2. Mark Staal Top8-12
3. Vitaly Anikienko Top15 (This years Valabik)
4. Luc Bourdon Top20
5. J.P. Paquet Top25
6. Deverereax Heshmatpour Top25
7. Teemu Laakso Top 30
8. Ryan Parent 25-35
9. Dustin Kohn 30-40
10. Anton Belov 30-40
11. Andrew Andricopoulous 35-45
12. Brendan Mikkelson 45-55

Did I miss any guys? Am I way off on any? I'd like to see what you think Sharkie. Can you also comment on defensive ability. Hitting, +-, Intinidation etc. That seems to go largely unnoticed.
One guy everyone is missing, it seems, is the Medicine Hat Tiger's #2 d-man
Kris Russell. In 22 games so far this season he has 9 goals, 9 assists and is a plus 10. This is only his 2nd season in the WHL and has quickly climbed up the depth ladder. He is an offensive, jump up in the rush, type of d-man. His only drawback is his size - but he is tough. He was on the gold medal winning U-18 tourney last year.

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