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10-06-2009, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Clint View Post
Oh my God. I had to go back and re-write this post to avoid mod infractions because it's VERY difficult not to talk down to you regarding this topic.

First, take your expected apology and shove it where the sun don't shine.

Second, find the post where I "felt 3 rookies (or Taffe) would make the team." I never made that claim, so you've got to be completely out of whack with reality to honestly believe that I did.

I did say this, however:

Tell me... besides the Dominic Moore signing, who was the last forward to make the team?

Third, learn to follow along with the arguments you're participating in. For the last time, the only concept that I was trying to illuminate during our discussion was the fact that there were more than one forward spots available, in conjunction to what Sabrefan was saying and in contention with this:

Really, there were two permanent spots open. One went to Matthias, the other to Moore. THAT'S ALL THIS WAS ABOUT.

It just so happened that our argument morphed into the definition of "13th forward" and what qualifies as a 13th forward and whether or not rookies are suited for the "13th forward role," whatever that is and what Joe Thornton's draft projections were. Ugh. For the 50 millionth time, you were wrong about "there is one permanent spot open...two until Nasty returns." Are we not carrying 13 forwards right now, one being Matthias and one being the injured Tarnaksy? Clearly, the addition of Moore changes things in the future, so Matthias may or may not be sent down once Tarnasky heals up (thought I doubt it).

Fourth, like I said before, you're just being an argumentative little so-and-so that gets off from bickering over semantic definitions of concepts that you're far too obtuse to understand in depth.
Im argumentative? This whole thing began with Sabresfan claiming that 3 of the 4 (Matthias, Repik, Duco, and Taffe) would make the team. I said that wouldn't happen because there was only one spot up for grabs (meaning in our permanent rotation which you and I fought over for a few pages but that is what I meant whether you like my choice of words or not). Nasty went down which made there be 2 spots open. You are right Matthias got one and Moore takes the other. So I still contend that there was only one spot open on this became two once Nasty went down. Had Nasty not went down I would bet we either would not have signed Moore, or Matthias would be starting the year in the AHL. Sure we COULD carry another active forward...but we aren't (Nasty is injured), and I claimed all along that we wouldn't carry a kid in the extra spot. Not much has changed. You jumped down my throat about it and we ended up arguing the semantics of the 13th forward among other things.

So how am I argumentative when you started with me again? Just asking

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