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11-23-2004, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Chaos
Lets go down the list one by one:

01) Johan Fransson 8.0C- Saying he has the upside of a #2 defenseman is hardly a stretch, but because he's a few years away, he has a C.
02) Trevor Daley 7.5B- You yourself don't think he'll be more than a #3. Well a 7 is 3-4 d-man, so this is saying he's a really good #3. Again, not a stretch.
03) Shawn Belle 8.0D- This guy has all the tools to be great, but also has a lot of hockey sense issues. Chances are he won't reach his true potential, hence the D.
04) Mark Fistric 7.0A- Potential to be a solid #4 guy, and is a fairly safe bet to get there.
05) Niclas Grossman 7.0B- Compared to Mattias Norstrom by the guy who runs, a few years away so he gets a B
06) Matt Nickerson 6.0B- Bottom pairin, enforcer type. Again, I dont see a problem with giving him a 6.
07) Dan Jancevski 6.0A- You get what you see with him; a #6/7 guy who plays decent defensively
08) Elias Granath 5.5B- Guy who wont get out of the AHL without injuries occuring
09) Nik Vaino 5.5B- Same as Granath
10) John Erskine 5.5A- Similar situation to Jancevski; you get what you see.
11) Trevor Ludwig 5.0B- AHLer
12) Lukas Vomela 5.0B-AHLer
13) Geoff Waugh 5.0A-AHLer
14) Vadim Khomitski 5.0C
The humourous ratings are...

01) Johan Fransson 8.0C
02) Trevor Daley 7.5B
03) Shawn Belle 8.0D
04) Mark Fistric 7.0A
05) Niclas Grossman 7.0B
06) Matt Nickerson 6.0B
07) Dan Jancevski 6.0A
08) Elias Granath 5.5B
09) Nik Vaino 5.5B
10) John Erskine 5.5A
11) Trevor Ludwig 5.0B
12) Lukas Vomela 5.0B
713) Geoff Waugh 5.0A

14) Vadim Khomitski 5.0C

Fistric is far from guarenteed.

Grossman is a good defensive player against juniors, but he hasn't really played vs. professionals and has no offensive game to speak of to be labeled as a #3/4 defenseman.

Matt Nickerson and Dan Jancevski are depth players, guys like Wade Belak, Eric Cairns, etc... they're big, can play physical and drop the gloves. But neither are great defensively nor do they have any offensive upside to be rated as safe bets in the #5/6 spot.

And the fact that 6 of the remaining 7 are rated as either "guarenteed" or "safe bets" is ridiculous. If you're looking at AHL players, they deserve 3's, not 5's.

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