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11-23-2004, 05:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Jacques Plante
Is it too broad/ignorant to say that the real loser out of this whole scenario was Philly? (sorry John and other Flyers fans, not trying to troll) Quebec won the trade IMO, Rangers stayed out and got a cup, Montreal and NJ were just a few years away from cups too. The only possible benefactor I can think of, if we lived ina world where "what if's" happened, would be Chicago. Trading Belfour would have been tough but it happened anyways. Maybe things work out for the big E in Chicago. We'll never know...
I agree for the most part, but the Flyers really didn't end up "losers". When you factor everything into the mix, the Flyers made out pretty well.

They got Lindros for the period they had him. Now they have Johnsson, Kapanen and Brashear.

Also the Wachovis Center was built on Lindros' shoulders. Snider had been trying to get a new arena built for nearly a decade, and couldn't secure the financing. As soon as Lindros was aquired, financing was aquired, because they were able to guaruntee that the Luxurxy Suite and Club boxes would be sold.

Having that new building allowed the Flyers to be one of the NHL's big money teams, and by having that building it later enticed Comcast Cable Co. to purchase the Flyers, which inturn gave them even more $$$$ to spend.

At the time of the deal the Flyers were clearly in the worst shape of any of the teams involved, Nords, Rangers, Blackhawks etc. etc.

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