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11-23-2004, 07:20 PM
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Biggest reason for this prolonged lockout - Goodenow "we will not play under a cap"

Goodenow unwisely escalated the CBA dispute, prolonged the lockout and painted himself into a corner by being so rigid in his intial stance on the current CBA negotiations. He committed the 1st and seemingly insurmountable error in negotiations by taking a stand and not leaving any middle ground for a possible compromise. Bettman on the other hand has always said he wants to negotiate a fair settlement that involves cost certainty and a partnership with players including honoring guaranteed contracts and the sharing of revenues. I would say Bettman was the wiser of the two in that he at least said he is willng to negotiate, listen to offers-ideas that fit into the parameters set out by the owners who he represents. Goodenow now has nowhere to go but to concede and break his promise. Result, an impasse that will cost NHL fans/players at least one full season of hockey and likely longer plus his players will lose billions in the future. It will also cost the NHL years to recover it's corporate sponsors and ticket buying fans who I really believe will rebel in much higher numbers than baseball fans did after 94. Can any of you think of a way for Goodenow to overcome his initial statement without losing face? I can't - so he won't. The sooner we get to the impasse stage the better as far as I am concerned.

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