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11-23-2004, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
not true ..

if one side says "never" and the other side is interested in negotiating, its pretty much up to them to come up with a solution that the "never" side will agree with.

if i said to you i want to buy your car and you said i can buy it, but you will never sell it for less than $x.xx. how much chance do i have of buying that car if i wont negotiate your terms ? hey, if i dont want your car bad enough, i can walk away. but if your car is the only car that suits my needs and you have drawn a line in the sand, i should come up with a solution you will accept.

Except the players NEED a league to play in and the owners can always hire scabs. Goodenow said never when he doesn't exactly have the power in the situation.

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