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11-23-2004, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by gary69
Sure, NHL can play their 100 mil revenues and 750 mil fixed expenses + replacement salaries for any number of years they want to,
This is an interesting point. If replacement players are used we get to find out just what the NHLers real market value is. If the replacement players play for peanuts and the teams go OK financially its not good the NHLers market value. If a trained monkey can do your $2m/y job then you are clearly overpaid at $2m/y. If the teams lose money but less than currently, again its not good for the NHLers market value. If the teams do much worse than before then it strengthens the NHLers market value, because it links financial success to their quality and star power.

Its an interesting risk for both sides.

but if Goodenow and NHLPA has a legally binding (=financially severely hurting) steadfast support of top 300-400 players for the next 10 years (which they apparently have), then profit-making owners are not really that stupid businessmen, that they are not willing to negotiate a compromise not including a hard cap, in an effort to restore their 2+ billion revenue industry.
Goodenow may have their support now, and have their intended support for the next 10 years. Unfortunately that "intended" support isn't worth the paper it isn't written on because they can change their minds at any time in the future. They could change their minds 3 months into a replacement player season, despite what their feelings are now, if they see a few jump ship. If enough players change their minds and accept the NHL conditions they can vote the union back to work and thats the end of it and richest 300 can do what they like for the next 10 years once their contracts are up by telling their agents not to sign any NHL contracts and to get them deals in Europe until they retire. I doubt very much the top 300 hold out if the rest go back to work.

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