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11-23-2004, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by puck you
According to the Art of Collective Bargaining, which I used in a report of mine recently, it is true that you are not supposed to use the term "never" when you are in a labor dispute.

Sanderson, John P. The Art of Collective Bargaining. Toronto, Ontario: Richard De Boo Limited, 1979: 32-33

^ If you want to read up on it.

Now, if Bettman said never, I would be all over him for it too, if he has, someone please point it out to me, but all I've read has been Goodenow saying it.
well in your book, does it address how to negotiate with a party who has said "never" .. surely it takes more finesse and logic than having a take it or leave it stance.

NHLPA has said never and made a counter proposal that was open to negotiation. its now up to the NHL to find a solution that works, or in the alternative we have what we have now. nothing.


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