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11-23-2004, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by mudcrutch79
Thanks for the response, it clears a few things up, and makes perfect sense. For what it's worth, I agree the price to pay was too high, but would have done it for the season, if only to have the asset to move. As Doug MacLean showed, there's a market for guys like Marchant, and Lowe could have got a pick or something out of it for a pretty low marginal cost.
Maybe, but $250,000 is $250,000. A later round draft pick isn't worth $250,000. I figure Lowe was looking ahead and thinking,

"If I pay him enough to retain his rights, I just get myself into a problem next June. I don't want to qualify him at the league ALS. That would make him a free agent when I don't and I don't get compensated. This way, he walks, Columbus makes a mistake and I get a second rounder. Could I get a second rounder next spring when everyone knows I don't want to qualify him?"

"Plus he is a popular player and most fans won't understand why I am doing this. I may as well take the hit for being stupid now as opposed to when I don't qualify him next June. And it is $250,000."


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