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11-23-2004, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by gary69
I don't even pretend to know who would be kidding who, if the sides end up in yearslong legal wranglings, but if that happens I would bet that the league in question would no longer be the "highest paying league in the world" and meanwhile quite a few of those players would be plying their trade in some other leagues.
The NHL will continue to be the highest paying league in the world for years to come, a few hundred poorly advised players notwithstanding. Their revenue generating ability will take a short term hit, but as long as the product is entertaining and competitive, the consumers will forget about the longterm holdouts and focus on new "stars".

Of course those owners would make even bigger profits if they could institute slavery, but I would assume they have to settle for less. many groups of "slaves" do you know that were offered a 1.3M average salary by their "owners".

The point is that the NHLPA is barking up the wrong tree if they expect the "profit making" owners to run Bettman out of town, as they stand the most to gain from letting their pit bull loose on the Union.

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