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11-24-2004, 12:28 AM
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Originally Posted by me2
What is immoral about deciding you are prepared to work for less than you used to? Absolutely nothing. If Player X is happy to play for $2m instead of $3m then good luck to him. Its his personal choice to make. If Player Y is unhappy to play for $2m instead of $3m good on him too since that's his choice.

The NHLPA is making a business decision by not signing what the NHL offers them. The players believe no one can do their jobs, their betting on it. If the NHL gets replacement players the ex-NHLers should accept the replacement players taking their jobs with grace. This is business after all and both sides are duking it out.
I guess you have never heard of the concept "race to the bottom"?

Too bad, because that's the direction where a lot of jobs in the world are now heading, even in the Western countries. That's the moral background.

While this is pretty irrelevant in the current NHL when compared to the rest of the world, even this could have all kinds of consequenses in various parts of the world down the years.

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