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11-24-2004, 01:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Canadian Chris
totally agree with the 1-piece sticks being a negative thing for young players, or just players that don't generally know how to shoot the puck properly.

I work at sportchek, and am on comission, but I've told parents who think it'll help their kids become amazingly wonderful players, that unless they can already shoot properly..and unless they can actually use the flex in their stick to their advantage...then there is very little that a shaft and blade or wooden stick won't do for you that a 1 piece will...I even tell them on comission PRIOR to giving them that speil too...I tell them of my hockey experience etc...what I use, and have used...and then basically tell them it's their decision, but I'd advice against it until they can shoot properly!
As someone who can hit the 90's with their shot I would have to agree: teach the kids how to shoot the right way and it dosen't matter what stick they are using: if you want a better snap or wrist shot go with the compsite though!!!

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