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11-24-2004, 01:55 PM
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The NFL used replacement players for part of the 1987 season. Average attendance dropped about 6,000 per game from the year prior, and that includes the games when the real players came back. Attendance was back up to 1986 levels in 1988. I can't find the numbers for replacements vs. regualrs, but I think a safe assumption is that attendance was down alot more than 6,000 per game when replacements were used and that the decreased attendance was a result of the replacement players.

The 1987 season also saw the lowest average attendance for the NFL since 1968.

Some NFL players also crossed the line and became replacement players.

So in conclusion, I think its entirely fair to say that the NFL, being more popular in 1987 than the NHL is now, that if the NHL uses replacement players, attendance will drop drastically.

If anybody can find average NFL attendance for the replacement player era, I'd appreciate it.

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