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11-24-2004, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Pens4ever
I'm not going to compare Malone to Bertuzzi...I don't have that high of expectations for him. But I am going to question just about everything else you have said.
Then you should know that stats don't tell the whole story...
Malone produced at about a PPG pace throughout college. Not incredible, but far from terrible. He also led his NHL team in goals scored as a rookie. I think you underrate US College Hockey...
College hockey not a good developmental league? Of the top 20 prospects according to HF, 3 come from the OHL, while 4 come from the NCAA...not saying the NCAA is better, just something to keep in mind.
Please click:
Craig Patrick was prepared to select Malone in the first round, prompted by Herb Brooks' endorsement. But the staff felt that Malone would fall and selected him in the 4th round.
You're right. You should also know to look deeper than the league progressed in to judge a prospect.
Out of this years top 30 scoring leaders (from 65 points to 94 points):

17 were 1st rounds picks.
26 did not play any games in US college hockey.

Of the 4 players who did play US college hockey, only 1 player played the whole 4 years:
St.Louis... 4 years and left college hockey at 22.
Tkachuk, who only played 1 season and left at 19 yo.
Guerin who played 2 years and left at 20.
Hull, 2 years and 21.

Hull and St.Louis stayed the longest... yet both achieved much more in their respective league than Malone ever did. St.Louis finished 1st in scoring and 2nd over a two year span. Hull finished 5th in points and 2nd in goals in only his 2nd season.

Malone is a player who probably just wasted away most important formative years (20,21,22,23) in an amataeur league playing weak competition.
He'll be 25 in a couple of weeks... how much better will he really get?

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