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11-24-2004, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by guinness
Outside of the big NHL markets in the US, most people don't pay to see the NHL as it is. So instead of your local NHL club having 1-2 stars, it'll have 0. Where's the draw for the fans of Tampa, Carolina, Columbus to watch guys like Nash, Cole, or St. Louis replaced by no-names?

In Detroit, I'd be shocked if they got the JLA half full to watch replacement players, there are lots of other teams people can go see around here; the Mechanics in Fraser, Wayne State plays in Plymouth, U of M and MSU play at the JLA a few times a year, and the GLI is coming up next month. That's probably all in a 30 mile radius. Ann Arbor and East Lansing aren't that far away, as is GR, though I wouldn't drive to any of those cities, either they are on TV or I just don't follow the CCHA much.
Don't you think that after half a season that new stars will be created? Sure the offensive talent won't be as good, but neither will the defence or goaltending. In fact, the extra drive & determination that the replacement players will bring might even make up for some talent shortfallings. Afterall, who would you rather watch, a team of Daigles or a team of Marchants?

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