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11-24-2004, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by nyr7andcounting
Who is to say that the PA needs to be making proposals? THE OWNERS ARE THE ONES THAT HAVE A PROBLEM HERE. I wish people would realize this isn't a strike. The owners are the ones that have a problem with current system, and the owners are the ones that are locking out the players and cancelling this season. Therefor, the owners are the ones who should be coming up with viable solutions and the ones who should be making all the proposals to get this thing fixed.
You miss or choose to ignore the point that the problem is that player salaries eat up a higher percentage of revenue than in any other sport. It's not that the owners HAVE a problem; it's that player salaries in relation to revenue ARE the problem. There are only two ways to fix this:

1. Increase revenues (But this is only a temporary fix because player salaries will eventually eat up the increased revenues as well.)

2. Fix player salaries to revenue.

The NHLPA will have nothing to do with the latter. You can claim all you want that they're putting forth prposals, but the proposals they extend don't target the actual problem: the relationship between what the teams earn and what they distribute in salaries.

Both the NBA and NFL player associations have acknowledged this simple truth. Goodenow refuses to recognize it. His proposals are shallow, meaningless attempts to avoid tackling the real problems of the league.

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