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10-08-2009, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Cabwaylingo View Post
Purcell as a #2 center? Ouch.
What's wrong.........
He has great passing skills and read the game very well.
I have a hard time to believe that he will be a worse center than Stoll.
I mean if you have these skills and guys like Frolov ans Brown to your side..... it's very complicated not to do a decent job.

How do you guys are all opposite to Purcell as Center when you have never seen him play ???????????

Really....... just because Stoll is a Center on the paper doesn't makes him a Center.
Purcell has the skills for that........ so why not try it out

And stop throwing our Stars away for garbage.
Over the last years, everytime a player has reached his contract, he was gone for you.
Just O Sullivan and Johnson for example..... man.... our GM doesn't live in a padded room, i'm pretty sure he has at least half a brain.

I'm really afraid Lombardi leaves his way and we have lineups again like

Tsyplakov - Ferraro - Murray or something as 1st line.......

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