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11-24-2004, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by BRM
Sorry if this has been brought up before but was wondering if anyone with more knowledge of labor relations knows what is stopping a group of players, say lead by Corey Hirsh and Rob Ray, to start up a new Association and negotiate with the league.

The NHLPA's contract has expired and if there is competition from another group to provide the entertainers for the league then it would only seem resonable for the league to take other offers.

Just wanted opinions

This may vary from area to area, but the one I read was along the following lines

To start a new union/replace the existing union with another/no union you need

1. about 20-30% of the employees to organise a vote. These employees*.

2. At the meeting they all vote and they need 50+% to either scrap the union as representive or appoint a new union.

Alternatively, the union members could vote on their course of action at a union meeting. If Goodenow objected they vote him out too. If the lowest 51% of the union want to do something they can pass it and richest 49% just have to take it. Those rich ones can leave the union if they want but what the poorer players negotiate in the CBA, is still forced on the rich players (who still have to pay union a due).

*Hirsh does not work there he can't vote.

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