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11-24-2004, 11:58 PM
Veni Vidi Toga
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Except the difference here of course is the GMs actually do want to sign those players back. What kind contract is a strikebreaker going to get? Is Lowe going to load up his team with 20 $1mil/3 year contracts, and then be stuck with them when the players and owners strike a deal?

The players dont really need to cause picket line violence. The whole point is that they dont think replacements will work, or make the owners any money. And they wouldnt have to shut down all the games. They could all gather and shut down one - like the Toronto game on a Saturday night for Hockey night in Canada. No violence required. Just stopping the bus from entering. And if CAW and the Canadian Labour unions are onside because of the strikebreaking activities, players may have a lot of other support in shutting down the game. A few conveniently parked semi's at the ACC might do it. Only need to hit the rich teams.

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