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11-25-2004, 07:33 AM
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Originally Posted by thinkwild

The owners can fairly apply the pressure, but to cancel the season because you want everything rather than make a compromise is just simply unsupportable.
The owners willingness to take this as far as necessary should provide all the evidence necessary that your little fantasy world--where the old CBA worked, is unsupportable. If the deal really was working and the league was profitable, in spite of their claims of losses and the evidence to support those claims, then what incentive do they have to cancel multiple seasons instead of simply taking the concessions offered and getting back to making money?

Maybe it's time for you and the players to get the fantasy out of their heads and deal with reality. The amount of pressure the owners are willing to apply should tell you and the NHLPA all you need to know about their real financial picture.

The ironic thing is that the realization of the league financial problems won't be important at all when the players finally cave. They'll change their stance when they discover the harsh reality that the owners aren't bluffing and that they have lost millions of dollars from their extrememly limited earing window in a vain effort to save the extra thousands they made during this period of gross overpayement and in doing so have ensured that they've done enough damage to the revenue stream to ensure that they continue to lose millions more for years to come.

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